I recently had the fun of trying out some all natural skincare products by Meiskin. The brand & its products are all paraben free, they do not test on animals, they contain certified organic ingredients & best of all it is australian made in melbourne. 

First off i thought i'd tell you a little bit about what i learnt about the brand and what they are all about..

At Meiskin they have incorporated and live by the vision that natural skincare doesn't have to be dull or boring, so naturally they made each formulation fun & its formulated in their naturally fun labs!

Meiskin is committed to producing and supplying only the very highest standard of natural skincare formulas. They source and use ingredients including certified organic oils as well as cold-pressed pure high-grade essential oils.


  • The first product I tried out was the Karamel Kreme self tanning product. I have tried out a lot of tanning products from sprays, creams & mousse products.
  • I was so excited when I saw the tan was a coloured brown cream so you can see where you are rubbing it in for an even tan..perfect!  
  • Secondly the smell was beautiful, not too over powering and not that unatural fake tan smell you get in a lot of tans.
  • The cream rubs in really nicely & the colour is really natural brown.
  • The only thing I can say I didn't like was the 8-10 Hour processing time. 
  • Over all its a huge tick for me for a natural glow! 

Hint: my trick when applying any at home fake tan is to wear rubber gloves so you don't get tan hands.


  • Wow.. this has to be one of my favorite moisturisers ever.. not kidding! Not only is it fun and yellow.. it smells absolutely divine (you could almost eat it..) The Twenty-Four 7 body lotion is a perfect light weight formula that really moisturises deep into the skin.
  • I have been applying this at night all over my body for the past week and I can feel the difference in my skin.
  • Another thing I also love about it is that it isnt oily or sticky but leaves your skin soft and it rubs in really well too.
  • This product would be a delicious addition to any skincare routine! 

I hope you enjoyed this product review and if you are interested in finding out more about the Meiskin products head to: 
JL x