Image: Gervin Puse 

Image: Gervin Puse 

Today I am doing something a tad different for the blog and I feel like I want to make it a regular part of it every now and then for you to get to know some amazing talent.. what do you think? Whether it be a model, a designer or just someone super creative who deserves some recognition!

I had a bit of a chat with down-to-earth 18-year-old Samie Robinson a Gold Coast girl who is taking on the modelling world in Sydney signed with IMG Models.. she's a food fanatic, loves her dog & seems to be able to pull any face and still be a total babe town! 

I worked with this gorgeous girl on a look book a couple of years ago now, it was a bunch of laughs & we got some amazing shots.. she was a dream to shoot with then.. so I can only imagine just how great she is now & is going to be!


J:  What is one of your current fave fashion trends?
S: Leather, mesh and anything quite structured. And chokers! I can't stop buying them.

J: What word would you use to describe your style?
S: Comfortable and simple. I spend a lot of my time walking around the city going to castings, so if I can't tackle a flight of stairs or run like a mad man to get to places on time, I probably won't wear it.

J: Do you have a favorite label/designer? 
S: Alexander Wang, always. If only I could afford his whole collection though.. every season.. 

Image: Bonniecee - Black Milk

Image: Bonniecee - Black Milk

J:  How long have you been modelling for? 
S: 3 years in February.

J:  What do you like to do outside of modelling?
S: I'm pretty simple really. Either spend time with my boyfriend, read, roll around on the floor with my dog or.. eat. I don't get much time at home on the Gold Coast, so when I do I try to relax.

J: What is the craziest thing that's ever happened while on modelling job?
S: Once I was told I was booked for a job/event promoting the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, so I imagined it would be lots of people eating expensive food, wearing expensive garments and I'd just have to socialise. Little did I know, I actually got to drive the latest luxury Mercedes Benz around a race course! Pretty scary being trusted with a $300,000+ car when you've only had your license for less than a year.

J: Any tips for aspiring models?
S: Don't starve yourself to look like the girls in the magazines. Majority, if not all have been retouched.

LIU JO 13/14

LIU JO 13/14

J:. Who is the person you look upto most in life?
S: Carre Otis, she was one of the biggest supermodels in the 80's & 90's. She overcame anorexia, sexual assault, physical and mental abuse from her now ex-husband, drug addiction and survived 3 holes in her heart. She's a role model in both the modelling world and life in general for me.

J: What are your beauty secrets?
S: Rose hip oil! People freak out when they imagine putting oil on their face, but it's so good for your skin!

J:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
S: I really have no idea. I'm really just taking it as it comes. I'd love to own a cafe one day, but who knows.

Thanks so much for chatting Samie, wishing you all the best for your future endevours!
J x

If you want to get to know Samie more:
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