Have you ever spent a day at the beach or you like spend some time in the sun to tan & you come home with tan lines on your lower bum.. I have and then I feel limited to wearing only that pair of swimwear or larger.. I've got my hand up this has happened to me! 

Recently I had the fun of shooting with my gal pal Emily, who you've probably seen before either here on my blog or on my instagram. This post is dedicated to getting a great butt tan. Below we are featuring the perfect pant for tanning your bum by Be You Mini, we are pretty modest girls and felt these pants were a suitable size for tanning wherever you feel comfortable of course!

Also featured is Ja Feel a fun company about having a good time.. who doesn't want to have a good time, t-shirts featured come in a bunch of colours & styles.. we had some fun jumping around the beach in ours!
EMILY WEARS: Sunglasses - Seafolly, T-Shirt - Ja Feel, Swimwear - Be You Mini.
JESS WEARS: Sunglasses - Sportsgirl, T-Shirt - Ja Feel, - Swimwear - Be You Minj