The week is almost out once again.. time really does fly! Yesterday I had so much fun spending the day with Mum, we don't always get a whole day together.. but we were together from 4am.. early right! A morning casting had us travelling to Brisbane first thing, a fair bit of driving and numerous snap chats were sent, we then headed to coffee and breakfast down the coast which was nice to relax after a long morning.. Then for most of the afternoon we shot a whole bunch of looks for the blog at all kinds of locations - this included creepy on lookers and all - But in all of that I really enjoyed the time I spent with Mum, she's amazing in every way xx

jess marshall

Today's post I am letting you know 25 facts about myself that you may not already know about me so you can get to know me a bit more! So lets get started on some weird, interesting, fun facts...

1. I wasn't always into fashion like I am now, from a young age I was a tom boy always hanging out with my brother and his friends. I think it was only from about 2009 that I really started to embrace the world of fashion. I feel so passionate about it now and so happy with the journey I am on.

2. I've noticed over the years I occasionally have light bulb moments and start a sentence with 'Could you imagine if' for example..'Could you imagine if we walked on our hands instead of our feet?'

3. For a few of my younger years in primary school i rocked a mullet hair do.. Mum seems to think they were in fashion, a mullet is never in fashion.. I dislike a lot of the photos from that period in my life!

4. When I am home by myself I like to turn the music up really loud and dance around, sometimes I even let my dog Baxter in and he dances around with me.. Pet bonding?

5. I am self taught in photo re-touching, I was once asked when I studied graphic design if their would be a possibility of me teaching my skills to the class.

6. I have a lazy eye, as in one of my eye's is not as strong as my other lazy of it!

7. I grew up out in the country, and absolutely love animals, they are all such beautiful creatures. I used to feed baby cows (calfs) from a bottle in my gumboots as a child & build fences with my Dad.

8. Living a healthy lifestyle for me started back in 2010 when I met my partner Jays, he lives such a healthy lifestyle it rubbed off onto me too and I am so thankful for the journey it has taken me on I lost more than 10kg & learnt how to treat my body well & exercise. This meant goodbye to microwave meals.. thankfully & it means so much to have been on that journey with my love.

9. I am terrified of spiders, they make my skin crawl, I can't be in a room knowing one is in there until someone takes it away.

10. I've been modelling for 4 years this year with my agency Katz Management and love it, it's like a little family at the agency and I am so thankful for some of the gorgeous friends I have made.
11. My longest standing friendship is with two of my best friends of 21 years which I am so thankful for.. and now I feel old! I love that I have a handful of close friends that I hold close to my heart & we can support each other in our dreams.

12. Sometimes I think I am way to hard on myself for not reaching my goals when I said I would or not eating well and missing out on exercising as much as I said I would.

13. I believe in forgiveness and I do not like to hold grudges, there is more to life that any of that.

14. One of my favorite things to eat is Sushi, I am absolutely in love with it and get so excited when Jays and I have a weekly sushi date, I think about what I am going to get before I even sit at the train - my current obsession is black rice.. it's delicious and i even read up on it and its considered a superfood, score!

15. I have been writing this blog for almost a year now and I am over the moon about its progress and the impact it has had on my life & hopefully I have impacted many of my readers also.

16. Being a photographer & a model I have always wondered what it would be like to take a photo of myself modelling, I know that probably sounds silly, but it's always a concept I have had in my mind.

17. I absolutely love to sing, I may not be very good at it but music brings so much to emotion me and I feel connected within myself when I sing. I only really like to do this when I am by myself.

18. I auditioned to be on The Face last year and got through to the second round, missing out on being on the show, but still so excited to be thought of.. We had to say 3 things that were interesting about ourselves, mine were that I am double jointed in all of my fingers, I consider myself to be multi-talented in many creative ways & I have quite big eyes, I was even called google back in high school because I have large eyes, that stuck with them in the second interview and made the mood a lot lighter which took away from the nerves..

19. I love to be organised and have things planned in advance, I am a bit of an organiser and I am usually delegated from a lot of my friends to get things planned or organised for events, which I don't mind.. I guess I'm good at it.

20. My favorite colour is blue, in pretty much every shade, I have an obsession with always buying cobalt blue items. 

21. I generally don't like to talk about myself in conversation and I guess I am contradicting myself in writing this post, but I wanted to come up with a way for you to get to know me more.. I suppose I would consider myself more of a listener than a talker. 

22. I like to pull silly faces and say funny things just because well it's fun! 

23. I look like I am of european heritage but I have no idea what mine is.. I just tell people I am Australian with a slight possibility of being European.

24. I consider my mum to be one of my closest friends, we have one of those connections where we can talk about anything & everything and always support each other, i love her so much & I am so thankful that I was blessed to be her daughter.

25. Lastly I feel transitioning over the years going from being a tom boy into a fashion blogger is such a big change, but I really feel connected to the world of fashion & creating my own personal style - I absolutely love putting together outfits and seeing what I can create!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life & the things that make me who I am today!