I don't know about you but I am a huge fan of natural skincare products.. So i was pretty excited to come across Nature's Beauty Bag and today I am sharing my 3 x favourite items from the May bag with you! The bag comes full of all sorts of goodies ranging from skincare, hair care, makeup, tea, snacks & a panty liner sample! Sample sized goodies all for me to try out.. fun! 

So I tried out the products and my favourites would have to be the Aveda hair smoothing product, my hair needs taming as it can be a bit wild, tames my hair perfectly! Another I love is the Lime & White tea body serum by The Little Alchemist, i tried this out last night after i showered and it made my skin feel amazing.. it is ultra light and nourishing & sinks in leaving skin silky smooth.. definitely recommend. Third favorite would have to be the Pukka Herbs organic three mint tea.. I'm a huge fan of tea and peppermint tea is that perfect flavor that you can have any time of the day (my taste buds think so anyway). I'll definitely be investing in more of that goodness! 

Overall I adore the product in the May Natures Beauty Bag and would recommend anyone to try it out if you have a love for natural products.

Happy Friday! x