Are you feeling the winter blues creeping in? I know I sure do some days during Winter.. and it's really not uncommon at all to feel this way with the season change. I am pretty sure I have spoken about it before here on the blog too and how it can make me feel.
I am a summer girl, I love the warmer months & that free feeling when I can wear some shorts & play in the sunshine and not feel that chill and closed in feeling from hiding indoors because I just don't feel like going outside. In saying that I am lucky enough that some days here on the Gold Coast we do get beautiful sunny, warm days with no cold wind.. they are my favorite when we have those!

Below are some tips that help me during winter & some that may help you too!


1. Get Some Sunshine
Please do not go and lay in the sun for hours.. I am talking about getting your daily recommended dose of Vitamin D the natural way from a little bit of time spent in sunshine. If I have the day at home working, I like to go sit out the back and eat my lunch or play with my pup Baxter for 15-20mins. Also I like to take a natural Vitamin D supplement too as it's not always sunny and eat lots of vitamin D enriched foods.

2. Exercise
I hear you.. it's way too cold to get out of bed and go for a run in the mornings.. right! Well it is for me and so I try to run when the sun is up or take my exercise inside.. I do stair runs inside, pilates & cardio videos right in the warmth of my own home. Getting some exercise in will boost your mood which should lead to feeling happier.

3. Eat Healthy Foods
Comfort food is just a part of winter and we all crave bigger warmer & sometimes unhealthy meals to keep us cozy. I have been researching some healthy soup recipes this morning to cook up and keep me warm and also keep my body healthy. My bestie The Whole Housewife is pretty amazing cook.. She is always creating and sharing beautiful, simple to make & healthy recipes on her blog all the time.

4. Let Some Light In
A dark house can make you feel cold.. so let some sunlight shine through your windows, it will lighten the house, your mood & even keep you warm. If it is a dull day try switching on the light to make your brain think it's a light, bright day. Also try using bright pillows and throws to brighten the room too. It's mind over matter!


5. Stay Social
If your feeling a bit down and your cutting yourself off from the world to stay warm inside, snuggled in a blanket it can affect your mood.. I know some nights I have thought "I can't go out to dinner, its way too cold". Be sure to make yourself get out of the house every now and then to be social.. it will lift your spirits to be around people.. Just ensure you dress appropriately for the weather & treat yourself with a warm drink.. you deserve it for getting dressed & leaving the house!

6. Show Gratitude
Always be grateful.. showing gratitude for me is to be grateful for my beautiful family & friends & blessed to live and work in a beautiful place. Whatever your feel grateful for you should express this, whether it be to someone or if your write a gratitude journal.

7. Light A Scented Candle
Scented candles are a great way to warm the home and can also help with mood! Research shows that different scents can evoke different feelings within our brain. Citrus scents can make people feel happier and more energetic. Scents such as vanilla, pumpkin or brown sugar can make people think of warm thoughts and happy times. Relaxing aromas such as mint, sandalwood, green tea or lavender also enhance your mood and can make you feel refreshed as if you've just been to a day spa.

8. Keep A Positive Mind Set
Keeping a positive mind is vital for beating the winter blues.. I know myself I have those days when being positive can be a little out of reach..and thats okay.. you don't have to be positive every minute of every day. I feel the thing we need learn is to know how to get back into a positive mind set if we are feeling down.. some of the above points may help to lighten your mood and help you relax to help you fight your negative thoughts.  

Finding ways to be positive is different for everyone. Try starting tomorrow morning by saying to yourself "I am going to have a great day today!" Remember you are in control of your mood & you have the power to fight the winter blues. Some of the tips above help me out and I hope that they will also help you out too! 

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