Late last night I arrived home from a really quick trip down to Sydney for some work Sunburn Swimwear doing showings for all their upcoming swimwear brands to be sold throughout summer…In love!!!! When i found out I'd be travelling down there I knew it would be cold there, but didn't realise just how cold it would be until I stepped out of the plane.. My whole body was a giant goose bump (I do feel the cold a lot though, but seriously!). Although it was quite a cold trip i'm really glad I went down as it was a last minute thing and I am used to doing things planned a bit more in advance. I feel really happy that I was able to go down there, explore a little bit and meet some new really great people! 

Your probably thinking, what was the big deal its only Sydney.. right? See I am the type of person that doesn't always like being out of my element and doing things out of my comfort zone depending on what it is & not always spontaneous when it comes to going on a plane.. Over the past six months I have been really taking the leap at trying out the 'just go for it' mentality.. we only live once, we may as well, learn, grown & make the most of it.

Some advice from my recent experiences is if you are like me and can dwell on the 'should I or shouldn't I' do it. The questions you should ask yourself when this happens is
1. Will you gain from it in a positive way?
2. Will you grow & learn from it?
3. Will it make you happy?
These are some really important elements in making decisions for me and I am sure many others!


On to some fashion: A windy day down my local beach shooting recently in this gorgeous Three of Something dress.. I am not usually a maxi dress girl, but felt really feminine & carefree wearing this..which is so in line with my knew go for it attitude! This dress could be worn day or night, and would look amazing dressed up or down!