I have been lucky enough to have the 'Why I Write' baton passed onto me by my bestie Kate at The Whole Housewife. I absolutely love this idea and love that I am now on board to take part in it. So you are probably wondering what I am going on about?  Down below I am giving you an insight of what my writing process is, what it means to me to write & probably a little jabbering on as I tend to do sometimes which many bloggers and writers have been doing and passing on the baton! Grab a tea, sit back, relax &  enjoy!


What am I working on? 

I am currently working on some new ideas & content to bring to the blog each week for you all. I want to bring some more fresh topics, interviews with interesting, inspiring people & even some Vlogging (which I only recently discovered means Video Blogging). I believe by adding this element to my blog it will bring a more personal touch so you can meet me in video form. I am a little camera shy & goofy so will need to brush up on my talking to a camera skills and get a good video camera to bring you this content so it may be a little while in the making..but keep your eye out!

How does my writing style differ from others in my genre?  

Let's just say it differs because I am not technically a writer! Speaking honestly I find myself continuously writing things incorrectly, numerous typos & spelling mistakes, even repeating myself and I go off topic quite a lot.

I like to think that what I write is quite down to earth..I'm human so I am going to have spelling errors and not always make sense the way I try to..I also believe my brain thinks at a much faster rate then what I am trying to type and well that is just what comes out.

A funny story actually.. I remember taking an advanced English class in high school, thinking that I would be great at it.. after doing an assessment my teacher took me aside to chat about what I had written and told me that I had invented 3 new words that didn't exist in the dictionary.. she gave me points for my creativity.. and I was okay with that, I am a creative mind after all!

Why do I write?  

The reason I enjoy writing is it is a wonderful way to express myself! To express what I am thinking or feeling, to get things off my chest, to share something I may have learnt on my journey, to inspire others with bits and pieces of information that have helped me along the way. I love writing here because it gives me the chance to reach out to so many people all around the world and that includes you, yes you!

How does my writing process work? 

I'd like to say I am super organised and have each post planned out but I wouldn't be telling the truth! Some weeks it is really organised and I plan out posts and jot down bits and pieces of brainstorming into my ye ol hand written diary.

Though other times it can be a challenge thinking of what to write that is relevant to what I am feeling or what to write about a certain outfit I have styled for a post.. I guess they call that writers block. Then other days it just flows without any hesitation and all works and makes sense and i feel like I could go on for ever!

So all in all my process is to have a rough idea of what I would like to express or write about and then go with the flow!


I hope you enjoyed this little insight into why I write.. I absolutely love sharing my outfit posts, my advice, my personal experiences & much more with you here on my blog and looking forward to continuing writing or babbling on! Hope you have a beautiful day xx

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