I was out having lunch with Mum recently and she said something that sparked my interest.. something that has always been something that I believe in and try my best to live up to even though it is hard at times. This one thing is something many or most of us go through in our lives. Somedays we still struggle to live up to not letting it get to us & we have those days when we do let it get to us because we might be feeling down, we may have seen something that really made us feel crap or someone may have said something to us that just wasn't nice.

Your saying "okay, yeah I bet I can relate to what your saying but hurry up and tell us what your on about.." What I am talking about is the way we can (my hand is up here) let what other people say or do something get to us! Letting something change our positive perception of ourselves. Mum comes into this because she is genuinely one of those women who doesn't give a crap what people think about her or what she does and I love that about her. We were chatting about life in general and me in one of those moods worrying about what the 'critics think' and she said something along the lines of "You shouldn't give a crap about what anyone else thinks of you, its none of their business".


For some it isn't as easy as waking up one day and deciding that you will give zero craps about what anyone thinks of you. It can be tough to break out of that way of worrying about these thoughts. As I feel in today's society and most definitely in the industries I work within it is all about what I look like, what I do, how I act etc. I have definitely come a long way from about 5 years ago when I decided to take charge of my life and start living a healthier more positive lifestyle & putting myself around people who impacted me positively and removed any negativity from my life.

I admit I do still have moments when I might wonder what others think of me or someone will say something nasty that I let get to me.. I feel that is only normal and I guess the best way I know to pick myself up from it is think of what Mum says "Who gives a crap" excuse the language but it's totally relevant here! Always remind yourself that you are you, its your choice to be the person you want to be, no one else's.. I am always much happier when I don't care what anyone else thinks of me, what they think is irrelevant to my happiness.


As most of you know I recently published my first E-book called Be You, Be True if you haven't had the chance to read it yet it contains information inside that I have used on my journey to help me gain self confidence, how I've learnt to be more positive & everything in between that shapes me. We are all human that is one thing that we have in common (unless you are a super powered cat and you have learnt how to open your owners computer and read my blog, no judgement here.. okay maybe a little off topic? haha).

All in all we have our down days, we have amazing days we all have those days where we need a little extra help to get back to our posititve happy self, to remember we are better than anything nasty anyones ever said to us. Today if you take the step in the direction of not worrying about what anyone else thinks of you and start thinking about yourself positively you'll be much happier for it!