jeskaalee keepsake

I thought for something different I would throw together a '10 things you may not know about me' post so that you can get to know me a little better! Some of my readers may already know me quite well as I have done a post similar to this a few years ago & some of you may not, so here goes.. a few random things about me!

1. What star-sign am I? I am a Taurus, a bull! I'm not really into reading them, but I do have to say I am a really stubborn person which is a definite trait of a Taurus.

2. I've only just got my license: Yep you heard right! I got my red P's a week ago today actually.. Woo hoo! I am currently on the hunt for a car but drove for the first time by myself last night in Jays car.. it felt amazing & I am so proud of myself.

3. What does my skincare routine look like: I like to mix things up and try new things every now and then but at the moment I am using mostly Saya skincare products (they are made in Noosa, which I love). I cleanse in the morning & then apply a moisturiser. At night I remove my makeup usually in the shower lately as I've run out of makeup wipes (note to self: buy more wipes) I cleanse my makeup off & then I exfoliate (every second night) to remove any extra nasties. I then apply Kosmea rose hip oil all over my face & neck.

4. What kind of exercise do I prefer? I like to try different things & mix up my routine so it doesn't get boring. I really enjoy pilates & going for bike rides in my local area though as we have a path that stretches from one town to the next along the beach. I started Yoga late last year and really enjoy that but I struggle to touch my toes from any angle I try, I love the mindfulness the practice brings though. 

5. Am I always positive & happy? I would love to say yes to this but if I am speaking truthfully the answer is no. I have my days where I get down, I doubt myself & think life is out to get me & I just feel plain crappy. When I have moments like these I try to tell myself that it's not that bad, I could be in a worse situation, I talk it out with my Mum, Jays or a friend & I always try to remember just how far I have come when I feel I am in a rut. I think it's totally normal to have a bad day here & there!

6. What kind of dog do I own? A funny story.. so he (Baxter that is) was meant to be a miniature toy fox terrier.. my vet believes he is a jack russel/whippet.. haha he has the colouring of a jack russel for sure & he has long lanky legs & he is super sensitive like a whippet.. either way I love him so much! He has the best personality & is really cheeky.

7. My go to outfit? The outfit I go to if it's a last minute decision or if I've tried everything on and it's just not working is a pencil skirt teamed back with a loose fitting tea or singlet. Easily dressed up or down with some heels or flats!

8. I have a Diploma in what? I studied graphic design for 2 years back in the day.. I did quite a lot of business card & logo designs when I first started out, but moved more into image retouching as I felt it was more style. I still occasionally do jobs but mainly apply it to my blogging work these days.

9. Something I really love to do in my down time? Is snuggle on the couch eating fresh mango with coconut cream & tea with Jays & watch a good action/thriller movie.

10. Why is my blog called Jeskaalee? It's a simple & a kind of silly story.. when I was really young I could never pronounce my name 'Jessica' properly (not that anyone knows me as that.. I've always been Jess) I always used to say 'Jess-Ka' and my middle name is Lee.. I put two & two together & vulla Jeskaalee was born!

- - -