Most of us crave something whether it be sweet or savoury am I right? For me I crave chocolate, usually dark chocolate (the good stuff) and if I am presented with chocolate I usually never turn it down.. it's just so good! I even got a little (a lot) excited when I discovered that a square of dark chocolate a day can assist with decreasing stress..score! 

In this post I am introducing a product I recently tried out and I am in love.. D.I.Y chocolate dream mousse that is easy as adding water and stirring.. yep that easy (Oh and I added some crushed almonds because they are delish too). Simply Natural Protein Mousse is a super easy snack, treat or dessert for any time of day I say. A huge plus is the mousse is also non GMO, gluten free, hypo allergenic.

The Simply Natural company formulate, manufacture and provide and innovative range of 100% natural solutions to your health and nutritional problems. They are also 100% Aussie owned and manufactured (Big Plus!) and they demand truth in labelling, quality of product whilst bringing out only innovative products.. have I got you interested? Head to their website to check out their products for yourself and do your taste buds a favour!

I cannot wait to try out the Tiramisu Dream & Choc Coconut mousse next. Oh and nope I didn't share with Baxter but he thought it smelt really good and just wanted to steal some and photobomb because he is a cheeky rat!