I was recently having a little scroll through my Facebook feed this week past at all the cute puppy videos and people making fools of themselves on youtube clips (which I must admit they do keep me a little entertained and can brighten my day).. But I am bringing my procrastination on Facebook to light for a reason as it does sometimes lead to some really interesting articles shared by my friends of friends of friends.. you catch my drift.

Without continuing to beat around the bush I am getting straight to it.. I came across a a video post about Anxiety "Things About Anxiety Noone Talks About" and so that is what I am dedicating this post to. I for one have suffered from anxiety and still do on occasion and I am more than happy to openly speak about it if it will help someone else out with the same or similar struggle. I am me and if people can't accept the real me then they do not deserve a space in my world full stop.

This is the link to the video I saw on Facebook and I feel it definitely pin points what anxiety can feel like.. if you are feeling those things there is nothing wrong with you and you definitley are not alone!

I used to be scared, ashamed or embarrassed to have anxiety and would do anything in my power to avoid admitting that it was a part of my life. A lot of you reading this can probably relate to this feeling even if not for anxiety but for something similar that hangs over you that you may not be proud of, or you do not have the courage to admit to yourself.

The key for myself was admitting it to myself.. not anyone else, but me. I had to come to terms that it was something real and something that I needed to learn how to deal with. I had to want to help myself so that I could understand myself more and understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling. At first I just spoke with my mum about it as she has also suffered from anxiety from time to time so I knew she would understand and a couple of close friends.. But it still didn't completely stop me from having those thoughts and feelings. 

It got to a point where I felt as though I had to speak to someone who wasn't a part of my world, someone who had no idea who I was but would be able to help me take control.. I built up the courage, I got a referral and I opened up to a therapist about how I was feeling and asked her to help me figure out the best way to understand how I was feeling and the best ways to deal with it. The main thing I learnt was that anxiety does not define me as a person, it was just something that I had to learn to deal with and so that is what I did with a little extra help from someone who had an understanding of what I was going through whom had the right advice, experience and tools to help me out. 

I now kick myself for putting off chatting to a therapist for so long as I was scared to admit it to myself or worried about what other people would think but it was one of the best things that I could have done for myself - I now have a better understanding of anxiety, myself and the best way to deal with it if it pops up and I am not ashamed to speak about it as it really isn't a shameful thing! 

Remember you are never alone in how you are feeling.. someone will always be able to relate to you, someone will always be able to help you, someone will always be there to listen to you. You just need to take that very first step to ask for help so you can learn to be the best version of you.. Always be real with yourself and live your truth!

Oh and PS// Another blogger I love to follow Jessica Emily also recently opened up about her experience with anxiety and depression here  ..Go girl, lets make it okay to talk about this stuff!