I recently made a very conscious decision to take control of my Anxiety and Depression and I want to speak to you all openly about it. Mental health is something that is still not spoken about openly by so many struggling with it because to some of us it has been engrained as a weakness. I believe that is bullshit (excuse the naughty word). We are all on our individual journeys and the majority of us at some point in our lives will hit some speed bumps that throw us right off track smacking us down on our arses. It can feel really crappy, it can makes us feel useless, horrible, sad, over-think the crap out of stuff and just going around in circles with all that and just end we up in a big fat rut.

This post is about sharing my journey with you in the hopes you may see the light like I have as you are not alone! 

The main thing we need to grasp about mental health is taking control and grabbing life by the you know whats and making it better for ourselves. There is help out there and in so many different forms but the first step is asking for it. Speaking truthfully I have struggled with my mental health for over 10 years..yep that's since high school. I saw a psychologist a few years ago now that gave me some helpful tips and taught me about what I was going through but it didn't completely fix me as such and that helplessness feeling came back just a month or so ago and my world felt like it was falling apart. 

I hit rock bottom with my self esteem and self worth, I didn't love myself and I didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings, I didn't enjoy my days and then I lost and hurt people I loved because I was so angry inside. Something clicked in me that if I don't start to make things better for myself I am just going to continue down a very destructive path which just wasn't me.

I had someone reach out to me about a 30 program.. my initial thoughts were "that's not going to help me". But I had a mull over it for a day and thought if I don't take action and try something new I will continue to feel the way that I felt which freaking sucked.

When I began the I Am The Change (Wake Me Up) Leadership program I was quite reserved, nervous, scared and felt out of my comfort zone.. but to be honest I think that was the best thing and the thing I really needed was just that.. to get out of my comfort zone. It taught me things about myself and what I was capable of and allowed me to get a better understanding of why I feared things and why I felt and did the things that I did/do. Learning about how the mind and body works was incredibly eye opening and I learnt things about my own mind that I never knew I was capable of (to learn is to grow!).

As the program went on I started to come out of my shell (yup just like a turtle) and be more comfortable with myself and the things I was feeling and learning to just feel them. I have started to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones with new ways of viewing things. 

I want to share this program with you all as it has been a life changing experience for me and it has made me feel passion for life again. I wake up in the morning and feel excited to be a part of the day for me and I want you to feel that way too!! You are capable of taking control you only need the courage to ask for help!

If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to contact me here!