jeskaalee queenstown

If you haven't been to Queenstown in the summertime you need to add it to your list asap. You want to know why? I believe it is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever travelled to. I have visited many parts of Australia, Europe and the UK and don't get me wrong they all have their own uniqueness and beauty but Queenstown in New Zealand, every which way you look it is breathtakingly stunning.

I decided to write this post to tell you all about some of the incredible experiences that I had and share some insight so when you travel there it can be a little guide of places to explore.

Okay I will stop rambling on and let you get to the tips below!



I decided to stay in an air bnb as I discovered almost everyone in Queenstown rents out their home or a room for visitors to stay. This was much more affordable than staying in a hotel or a hostel believe it or not and we were out exploring most of the time so just needed a bed and bathroom. Staying out of town you definitely needed a hire car and I would DEFINITELY recommend getting one for yourself even if you stay in town as Queenstown is quite a small town and there is so, so much more to explore in the surrounding towns and mountains. Plus they don't have Uber and the taxi's can get quite expensive.


Everything but the flight to Queenstown is quite expensive so ensure you save your pennies prior to your trip so you can enjoy this beautiful place to it's fullest. the dollar difference isn't too different from Australia so that is a plus if you're travelling from the land of Aus that is.


As I said earlier every which way you look in Queenstown is stunning so exploring the town and it's surrounds is a must. Taking a road trip from Queenstown to Glenorchy is the most picturesque drive along lake Wakatipu and I highly recommend it. One thing I didn't get to explore was Milford Sound by plane which I regret, so if you can do that and tell me how amazing it was please do!


I love extreme sports so zip lining and the Shotover Jetboat ride were a must for us! If you're a little more daring you may want to give bungy jumping a go as there are plenty of spots around that do it. I considered taking the plunge but I felt jumping out a plane last year was enough for me for now.


There are endless bars, cafes and gelato stores around town so if you wander around you will come across some cool places. Some that I loved and recommend are yonder cafe for a healthy modern breakfast and world bar for drinks and delicious nachos (Mexican food fiend has her hand up!). I was also recommended to try fergburger which is the most popular burger place in town, I didn't indulge as the line was always out the door but if you have more patience it is a must!


A little out of town you'll find a bunch of wineries all on the same road (sorry I cant remember the name, but google is helpful). I went to two of many and as much as going on wine tours sounded fancy and fun I got a tad bored (each to their own). Packing your own picnic is a good idea, with wine and hire some bikes from Gibbston Valley Winery to ride along the winery tracks yourself. If you do a bike tour ensure you wear comfy riding clothes, sunscreen and are prepared to work up a bit of a sweat.

Have you booked your ticket yet? Do it! 

PS. This isn't an ad or anything of the likes.. I genuinely want you to see this crazy beautiful place for yourself!

jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
yonder cafe queenstown jeskaalee