This is me: I'm not perfect, there is no such thing.

I'm the kind of woman who when I love, I love big. I put my whole heart into things and I care a whole freakin’ lot. Some people think this is naïve and dangerous and some think it's admirable and beautiful. That's just what they think. The most important thing is being happy with who I am and what I stand for.

This year has been full of so many amazing things it makes me so happy to think back on all the special memories I've been able to make and I am so fucking grateful to have made them with some amazing humans. Some days I wonder how I got so lucky to have the people in my life who love, care and support me through so many things.

It hasn't been all love, special moments and happiness. I have had some fucking shitty moments too. Nights where I lay awake wondering if I'll ever be able to stop the hurt and moments where I've realized I'll never be able to hug someone ever again. They were shit moments but they were just moments.

But that's life, it's all just moments. 

Through all of the things I've been through this year I have never stopped learning. I've never stopped believing in myself. I've never stopped loving others and myself. I've learnt that holding in how I feel is never heathy. I've pushed myself to try new things. When I've fucked up I've said sorry. I've learnt that I may not always say the right thing but my heart is always in the right place. I've learnt that I can't please everybody. I've learnt that compromise is essential. I’ve learnt to judge less and show more compassion. I've learnt to stand up for myself and never to settle for mediocre. When I've made a mistake I've tried my best to make things right. I haven't always gotten what I wanted but I've made the most of what I do have. I've learnt to be dependent on myself to pick myself up but I've also learnt it's okay to ask for support.

I am forever grateful for the good days and the bad days. They taught me to love not only the good but the not so good things which were redirecting me. Just remember you are imperfectly perfect and you should always embrace every moment.

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A lot of you may have read a little about my self love journey over the years here on my blog or over on my Instagram or you may be tuning in right now for the very first time. Self love for me is something I work on every day and it can some days be super easy and then some days well, not so much.. depending on what life throws my way!

I think many of us can agree this day and age we can be very much affected by the world of social media and the images thrown at us ranging from insta models, to people in magazines, to people we see on tv and even things said verbally in real life (Yup there is a real world not just the social media one). All of these factors can really sway the way we feel about ourselves if we let it and I can put my hand up and say in the past it really affected me and some days I do still catch myself comparing myself to others.

Comparing your journey or comparing yourself with another can be unhealthy and an unrealistic goal as a lot of what we see in the media and social world is skewed to look "perfect" and altered from reality.. not all, but a lot of it! Now I am not saying you can't look up to people and be inspired by people you see online as I am inspired everyday by different people I follow but it is not my goal to be them, or have their life.. I take cue from their positive vibes, get inspired by their way of life and put that positive energy into my own. For me if I find myself feeling affected by someone I just stop following or remove them from my physical world or I change the way I view them.

This visual generation we are in has taught a lot of us to only focus on the physicals of people rather than focusing on the beauty of personality, the beauty of thought and the beauty of the heart all combined. It might sound corny but I think the world is better with a little corny and a little old school.

Audrey Hepburn nailed beauty on the head with this quote.. "The beauty of a woman is not in her clothes she wears, the future that she carries, or the way she her combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eye, because the doorway to her heart,the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years".

My message to you today is to embrace your own beauty and work toward becoming the best version of yourself.. I wrote an E-book a while back now but it's free and it may help you if you are struggling with the above situation!