Some of the most common questions people ask me when I tell them I struggle with anxiety and depression is “But how could you you’re so beautiful, how could you be sad” or “But you’re such a happy and positive person” or “You’re just being dramatic, my problems are way worse then that”. So on and so forth.

The point of me writing this is isn’t to point out the negativity some people throw at others who suffer from mental health issues at all. This post is about me for you. I have a big heart, I care a lot and it means I get hurt more often then I should. But I would prefer to feel something then to not feel anything at all.

I’ve been struggling quite badly for the past two weeks. Not sleeping, not eating and not being able to switch my brain off and wanting to find an escape form the torture of feeling the way that I do. I get that it may not seem like it on social media and it may not seem like it to some of the people who have been around me lately but I haven’t been coping to the extent that I’ve had to seek help in a few different forms in the workplace and externally. Which I am not ashamed of. Asking for help is admirable.

Just because we may look happy on the outside, or say we are fine and we may look fine on Instagram we may not be. Ask your friends, your family, your workmates if they are okay and offer them an ear or support if they need it.

When I eventually decide to open up the support from my friends, colleagues and loved ones who have taken the time to understand the kind of support I need during these times is so vital and important. I’ve explained to them how I function and how they can help me the best they can. (So thank you, I’m struggling, but i’m getting there because of the support and understanding you’re giving me).

I wanted to write this in the hopes that you as one of my readers you may be able to relate, you may be able to help, you may be able to be more understanding of others in situations like this or you may be able to help a friend or partner who is struggling. We shouldn’t have to go through these things alone and we shouldn’t feel pushed away because our problems seems minuscule to someone who might think their problems are worse or they just don’t believe in ‘anxiety’ or ‘mental health’.

We should always try to put ourselves in others shoes in these situations and picture how they may need support. I know we all need it in different ways and we don’t always understand how others needed it. Just ask or do your research on the best ways to help someone out with what they are struggling with.

Remember you’re not alone, we never are. There is always an ear to listen.