This is me: I'm not perfect, there is no such thing.

I'm the kind of woman who when I love, I love big. I put my whole heart into things and I care a whole freakin’ lot. Some people think this is naïve and dangerous and some think it's admirable and beautiful. That's just what they think. The most important thing is being happy with who I am and what I stand for.

This year has been full of so many amazing things it makes me so happy to think back on all the special memories I've been able to make and I am so fucking grateful to have made them with some amazing humans. Some days I wonder how I got so lucky to have the people in my life who love, care and support me through so many things.

It hasn't been all love, special moments and happiness. I have had some fucking shitty moments too. Nights where I lay awake wondering if I'll ever be able to stop the hurt and moments where I've realized I'll never be able to hug someone ever again. They were shit moments but they were just moments.

But that's life, it's all just moments. 

Through all of the things I've been through this year I have never stopped learning. I've never stopped believing in myself. I've never stopped loving others and myself. I've learnt that holding in how I feel is never heathy. I've pushed myself to try new things. When I've fucked up I've said sorry. I've learnt that I may not always say the right thing but my heart is always in the right place. I've learnt that I can't please everybody. I've learnt that compromise is essential. I’ve learnt to judge less and show more compassion. I've learnt to stand up for myself and never to settle for mediocre. When I've made a mistake I've tried my best to make things right. I haven't always gotten what I wanted but I've made the most of what I do have. I've learnt to be dependent on myself to pick myself up but I've also learnt it's okay to ask for support.

I am forever grateful for the good days and the bad days. They taught me to love not only the good but the not so good things which were redirecting me. Just remember you are imperfectly perfect and you should always embrace every moment.

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jeskaalee queenstown

If you haven't been to Queenstown in the summertime you need to add it to your list asap. You want to know why? I believe it is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever travelled to. I have visited many parts of Australia, Europe and the UK and don't get me wrong they all have their own uniqueness and beauty but Queenstown in New Zealand, every which way you look it is breathtakingly stunning.

I decided to write this post to tell you all about some of the incredible experiences that I had and share some insight so when you travel there it can be a little guide of places to explore.

Okay I will stop rambling on and let you get to the tips below!



I decided to stay in an air bnb as I discovered almost everyone in Queenstown rents out their home or a room for visitors to stay. This was much more affordable than staying in a hotel or a hostel believe it or not and we were out exploring most of the time so just needed a bed and bathroom. Staying out of town you definitely needed a hire car and I would DEFINITELY recommend getting one for yourself even if you stay in town as Queenstown is quite a small town and there is so, so much more to explore in the surrounding towns and mountains. Plus they don't have Uber and the taxi's can get quite expensive.


Everything but the flight to Queenstown is quite expensive so ensure you save your pennies prior to your trip so you can enjoy this beautiful place to it's fullest. the dollar difference isn't too different from Australia so that is a plus if you're travelling from the land of Aus that is.


As I said earlier every which way you look in Queenstown is stunning so exploring the town and it's surrounds is a must. Taking a road trip from Queenstown to Glenorchy is the most picturesque drive along lake Wakatipu and I highly recommend it. One thing I didn't get to explore was Milford Sound by plane which I regret, so if you can do that and tell me how amazing it was please do!


I love extreme sports so zip lining and the Shotover Jetboat ride were a must for us! If you're a little more daring you may want to give bungy jumping a go as there are plenty of spots around that do it. I considered taking the plunge but I felt jumping out a plane last year was enough for me for now.


There are endless bars, cafes and gelato stores around town so if you wander around you will come across some cool places. Some that I loved and recommend are yonder cafe for a healthy modern breakfast and world bar for drinks and delicious nachos (Mexican food fiend has her hand up!). I was also recommended to try fergburger which is the most popular burger place in town, I didn't indulge as the line was always out the door but if you have more patience it is a must!


A little out of town you'll find a bunch of wineries all on the same road (sorry I cant remember the name, but google is helpful). I went to two of many and as much as going on wine tours sounded fancy and fun I got a tad bored (each to their own). Packing your own picnic is a good idea, with wine and hire some bikes from Gibbston Valley Winery to ride along the winery tracks yourself. If you do a bike tour ensure you wear comfy riding clothes, sunscreen and are prepared to work up a bit of a sweat.

Have you booked your ticket yet? Do it! 

PS. This isn't an ad or anything of the likes.. I genuinely want you to see this crazy beautiful place for yourself!

jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
jeskaalee queenstown
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I recently made a very conscious decision to take control of my Anxiety and Depression and I want to speak to you all openly about it. Mental health is something that is still not spoken about openly by so many struggling with it because to some of us it has been engrained as a weakness. I believe that is bullshit (excuse the naughty word). We are all on our individual journeys and the majority of us at some point in our lives will hit some speed bumps that throw us right off track smacking us down on our arses. It can feel really crappy, it can makes us feel useless, horrible, sad, over-think the crap out of stuff and just going around in circles with all that and just end we up in a big fat rut.

This post is about sharing my journey with you in the hopes you may see the light like I have as you are not alone! 

The main thing we need to grasp about mental health is taking control and grabbing life by the you know whats and making it better for ourselves. There is help out there and in so many different forms but the first step is asking for it. Speaking truthfully I have struggled with my mental health for over 10 years..yep that's since high school. I saw a psychologist a few years ago now that gave me some helpful tips and taught me about what I was going through but it didn't completely fix me as such and that helplessness feeling came back just a month or so ago and my world felt like it was falling apart. 

I hit rock bottom with my self esteem and self worth, I didn't love myself and I didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings, I didn't enjoy my days and then I lost and hurt people I loved because I was so angry inside. Something clicked in me that if I don't start to make things better for myself I am just going to continue down a very destructive path which just wasn't me.

I had someone reach out to me about a 30 program.. my initial thoughts were "that's not going to help me". But I had a mull over it for a day and thought if I don't take action and try something new I will continue to feel the way that I felt which freaking sucked.

When I began the I Am The Change (Wake Me Up) Leadership program I was quite reserved, nervous, scared and felt out of my comfort zone.. but to be honest I think that was the best thing and the thing I really needed was just that.. to get out of my comfort zone. It taught me things about myself and what I was capable of and allowed me to get a better understanding of why I feared things and why I felt and did the things that I did/do. Learning about how the mind and body works was incredibly eye opening and I learnt things about my own mind that I never knew I was capable of (to learn is to grow!).

As the program went on I started to come out of my shell (yup just like a turtle) and be more comfortable with myself and the things I was feeling and learning to just feel them. I have started to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones with new ways of viewing things. 

I want to share this program with you all as it has been a life changing experience for me and it has made me feel passion for life again. I wake up in the morning and feel excited to be a part of the day for me and I want you to feel that way too!! You are capable of taking control you only need the courage to ask for help!

If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to contact me here!



On Wednesday I had the pleasure of heading to the Cafe 2 U & Uber Shape Gym fitness circuit with my best gals. We started the morning with a fun but tough circuit that has my legs feeling oh so sore.. but in a good way!! I love working out with makes it so much more enjoyable and a great way to socialise and get fit at the same time.

Cafe 2 U just launched their new Protein Shake range and the best word for me to describe them is delicious.. I consumed at least three which is probably way more than I needed to but they tasted so damn good! I love that Cafe 2 U brings the goods to your work place or venue too.. if only they could deliver it to my door front every day I'd be a happy gal! I also wish Nude Sisters would deliver me their raw treats on the daily.. YUM!




The one day out of my recent trip to Sydney I decided to wear my new Tres Jole thigh high boots it was absolutely freezing..I felt like I was standing in front of an air-conditioner when I walked out of my hotel onto the street. I later found out it was one of the coldest days on record in about two decades..(good work Jess).

Unfortunately the flu I now have would suggest it wasn't the most logical decision I have ever made but sometimes fashion comes before logic, especially when you love your new boots as much as I do and didn't want to pass up a photo shoot in the city. I also used the cold weather and my decision not to dress warm enough as an excuse to buy a new scarf at H&M.. (which I might add had so much more variety in the city compared to the new one on the coast here.)

On a smarter note the boots are an extremely versatile having a mid sized heel; which meant running around the city finding beautiful locations wasn't a worry. I also love that they can be styled with much more than a skirt on these cold days we have recently had thrust upon us. I paired them back with black jeans, black turtle neck and my black leather jacket for a sleek all black errrythang look a few days ago and felt amazing!

- - - 





If you follow my instagram or snapchat you would have seen I recently went on a fun trip to the beautiful little town of Newrybar which is about a 15min drive south of Byron Bay. The town is so full of history and charm, I didn't know about the town until I visited and stayed at The Art House's homely cottage with my gal pal Megan for a little creative and relaxing get away.

We had so much fun exploring the town and all it had to offer! I may have gone a little snap crazy with the images.. but I love taking photo's and wanted to share with you all the beautiful places we discovered.

One place you must visit is Newrybar Merchants .. It is set to become a world-renowned hot-spot for those seeking a unique retail experience. The store is a destination that enables customers to experience rustic charm effortlessly blended with sophistication within a beautiful and unique collective retail space. Each trader has a room to style within the historic building.. Some of my favorite collaborators were Shannon Frick, Jai Vasicek and Tigmi Trading

Also if you are a food lover like myself you must not go past Harvest for a meal or a macadamia milk coffee from Harvest Deli. We enjoyed our beautifully styled share plates, they were full of so much flavour!

Some other places to visit are The Shed for beautiful antiques and Driftlab store.. I love that every single item of clothing, accessory, skin care product, artwork and vintage homeware in Driftlab has been carefully selected and curated to reflect the unique point of view,  
inspiration and charm behind the brand. 

If you do ever get the chance to visit this little town I say it is a must even if it is only for the day!